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Cabin Units


The Halton HMF is an automatic or semi-automatic single duct cabin unit with intergrated reheater. Automatic operation is facilitated by continuous airflow measurement and damper regulation by intelligent room thermostat. Automatic HMF adapts to variations in ductwork pressure and maintains individual conditions in each cabin and is thus pressure independent. Semi-automatic cabin unit does not include airflow measurement and are thus pressure dependent.


Technical data:



  • Pressure range from 200 Pa up to 1000 Pa
  • Airflow range 120 m3/h...500 m3/h
  • 230 VAC 610%, max 10A, 50/60 Hz
  • Inbuilt airflow measurement (automatic models)
  • Damper min. / max. position settings (semi-automatic)
  • Triac controlled reheating coil(s), adjustable heating power
    (PWM) 0...100%
  • Master/slave functionality: several slave cabin units can be connected to one master cabin unit